What can I do with Poppit's Story Stones?

The uses for Poppit's Story Stones are only limited by imagination!

 Story Stones can be a great tool for bringing a story book to life or exploring a topic with a child (such as worry or grief). Story Stones can be used to recreate a story the child has learned or enjoys.
Book used for this image: 'When Goodbye is Forever' by Lois Rock

 Story Stones are such a versatile product, they can be used in any environment! The Home Life Kit can be used in dolls houses to explore family dynamics.

 Story Stones make a great addition to a range of creative materials that professionals and parents use in their contact with children. Why not paint a set/stage/landscape for your story stones on a large piece of paper or old cardboard box? 

 Story Stones are a perfect addition to collections of miniatures for professionals who use sand trays in their work with children, or great for a child's toy box. Story Stones are robust and can be played with outside as well as inside. Free play using miniatures allows children to play out their experiences and feelings and offers adults an invitation to come alongside them. 

Poppit's Story Stones are made from recycled materials and are very tactile objects. They make excellent additions to sensory materials and their very simplicity encourages children to use their imagination in a world that is swamped with high-tech gadgets and games. 

All photography copyright of A Leon, 2013