Story Stones

Poppit's Story Stones are a wonderful aid for facilitating story telling, communication and play.

Poppit's Story Stones can be used in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings but educators, play therapists, parents, carers and leaders of nurture groups may find them a particularly useful tool in their contact with children. Story Stones are a wonderful way to encourage dynamic play with children and offer a great outlet for the expression of feelings. 

 Poppit's Story Stones make a great addition to any kit used by professionals or parents to engage their children, capture their imagination and explore a range of feelings and experiences.

Since their launch in February 2012, Poppit's Story Stones have travelled the globe, finding new homes in the hands of many children and inspiring all sorts of stories!

“How can a child tell you in everyday language how he feels – when his natural language for feeling is one of story, play and imagination? Without communication through story, play or imagination, some children have little hope of being able to say what they really feel. Troubled children can be helped immeasurably if someone can hear them speak through story. It can be an immense relief for a child to find images and metaphors to express his thoughts and feeling which have previously been nameless and yet craved understanding. Story is a communication technique – an extremely potent one.”
 Margot Sunderland (2000) ‘Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children’

Customer Feedback

"They’re a fabulous product – the work that has gone into designing the images is evident in the way my 4 year old daughter is using them. We use them for speech therapy for stuttering and the sentences she is coming out with is amazing. Despite the fact that she’s composing complex sentences, she’s clearly enjoying it and her stuttering is minimal. I can’t wait to do some of your suggested ideas and incorporate the Story Stones with other mediums. It’s a fabulous well designed product and I can’t wait to gift the other sets I have bought for Christmas." Parent, Dec 2013

"Received your story stones this morning and was delighted. Looking forward to using them in my work with young children." Teacher, Feb 2012

"Beautifully daughter just loves them, thank you." Parent, June 2012

"I am a teacher and I work with many ESL students (English as Second Language). I am also going into Speech Therapy so this product is wonderful! These stones would be a great addition to my school year end goal of speaking in complete sentences AND using their imagination/vocabulary." Teacher, July 2012

"They look so good you could almost eat them. My clients have taken very well to these story stones. Highly recommended for therapeutic use and for children to play with." Play Therapist, Sept 2012

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