Poppit’s Cupboard strives to ignite imagination, encourage self-expression and aid communication. My mission is to provide quality, playful products for parents and professionals to complement their interaction with children.

I'm 'Poppit' and am the creator of Poppit's Story Stone Kits. My teeny tiny craft cupboard is where it all started...

I am an avid crafter and have always loved experimenting with creative outlets. I am also a qualified Person-Centred Psychotherapist and further developed my professional skills in 2011 when I trained in the use of therapeutic play skills to enable me to work with children. I have worked with both adults and children since 2008, and have enjoyed working therapeutically with children since 2011. I am took a break from counselling when I gave birth to my first child in 2014. My little girl is now a delightful 2 year old, with stories of her own to tell. In 2015 I returned to work as a charity manager on a part-time basis.

The creation of Poppit's Story Stone Kits developed organically out of my combined love for crafts and my passion in working in creative ways with children to facilitate the exploration and expression of emotion and experience. The very first set of story stones I made was used in my own work with children in a therapeutic context, and before too long, I was approached by other professionals and parents who wanted their own sets of story stones. Since their launch in 2012, Poppit's Story Stones have travelled the globe, finding new homes in the hands of many children and inspiring all sorts of stories!