Monday, 15 June 2015

An update from the cupboard

2015 has seen another shift for me as I returned to work, on a part-time basis, in March. It has meant juggling balls again but our little family has adjusted well and I am enjoying the return to my much-loved charity work. 

Poppit's Story Stones continue to sell, to my amazement, with little (if any) marketing efforts on my behalf. My little Story Stones prove themselves to be loved worldwide, much to my delight and gratitude. I love to hear from customers about how my Story Stones are used in their contact with children. 

My own little girl has become very attached to the set of Story Stones we have here at home. 
      We dug out my very first set of handmade story stones a few weeks ago and have lots of fun singing nursery rhymes. Here we are with Incy Wincy Spider:

Although story stones aren't recommended for children under 3, I have found that my 16 month old daughter LOVES to play with the beautiful smooth stones and is delighted when she finds the dog, cat, bird or spider stones! With adult supervision, these story stones are now a valued part of our play materials. I feel a rhyme time set of stones coming up soon!

The cupboard has seen a lot of drawing activity in the last few months. I've worked on a small commission for Swaffham Museum, have been illustrating my pledge to quit sugar for charity Kairos WWT and was thrilled to finally get my hands on a copy of A World of Artist Journal Pages (by Dawn Sokol) some of my pages appeared:
The Pedlar of Swaffham Story (© Lucia Leon 2015)

Quit for Kairos

A World of Artist Journal Pages

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