Sunday, 7 December 2014

Little hands…big ideas

 I wrapped up my first season of Christmas craft fairs today. What I most enjoyed about taking my Story Stones on the road was meeting so many people, hearing their little stories and sharing wonderful ideas and inspiration. My favourite ideas from being on the road include:

  • taking a bag of stones when going out for a family meal to keep a little one entertained (and off the iPad!)
  • taking a small selection of (around 5) stones, telling a short story, muddling the stones up and telling another story
  • coupling relevant story stones with a favourite book (this picture was taken at a nursery fundraiser where I showing my stones and a little boy brought over a book about space and brought it to life with well chosen story stones):

I also enjoyed watching a giant story unfold on my stall this afternoon by a group of three little girls using all 6 sets of stones, and facilitated by my wonderful sidekick:

While I was 'hard at work', daddy was able to enjoy a date with baby Poppit. In mummy's absence, this included sharing a strawberry milkshake together (they get up to all sorts when I'm not about!)

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