Friday, 3 October 2014

Business with a baby

It's 5.46am and I am awake following a second nightfeed. My eyelids are heavy but my mind is too active to fall back to sleep. Welcome to motherhood. Welcome to business with a baby. The last few weeks have seen a hive of activity in the cupboard as I have been able to more fully engage in the business. Leaving my job at the charity I had loved for 6 years prior to having a baby was hard but has given me the space to be more fully present in things here at home. I have been following a number of successful mothers/small business owners on Instagram and reading articles on how to manage both pursuits in my journey to keep my teeny business alive whilst developing in my role as a new mother. I am thriving on the surge of creativity that has re-appeared, and find great joy in having an outlet for the parts of me that need recognition outside of motherhood. It is a delicate dance, however, the balancing act of being mum, business owner and me. One I am still figuring out. Some days I feel like I get the balance right - where I am with my baby fully in her waking hours and where I have the energy, time and motivation in her sleeping hours to create, network and develop the business. Some days I do a poor job of trying to multitask and being neither fully present for either. And some days motherhood and wifedom are simply all consuming and nothing inspires me greater at the end of my daughter's day than my bed...

Pictures: reading, getting ready for my first craft fairs, a certain little gruffalo helping me with my giveaway and doing an impromptu stocktake. Follow me on Instagram for more pictures of life with a baby and a cupboard...

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