Saturday, 12 April 2014

A mother emerges from the cupboard

Hi everyone. You may have noticed it's been very quiet here and over on my Facebook page. Hopefully you will already be aware that I've been taking a little break from Cupboard business whilst I get to grips with my new role as a mother. 

Motherhood so far has been a journey of epic proportions. I have learnt so much about myself already during these last 12 weeks and have fallen head over heels in love with my precious daughter. I have also been faced with the hard realities of becoming a new parent and I have developed a new found respect for mothers (and fathers) everywhere and the amazing responsibility they undertake. Motherhood is most certainly the most wonderful gift I have ever received and it is without a doubt, also the hardest work I will ever undertake. 
Almost three months in, I finally feel ready to return to the cupboard and continue to develop my Story Stones. I do so now with a deeper eagerness to enrich the lives of little people. 

Thank you for your patience and for your support



  1. Oh poppit!!! A huge congratulation to you and your dear hubby!!! Such a cute and precious daughter!!! Oh, motherhood...the most rewarding but also the most draining thing!!!!! *lol* I love my four kids more than life it's self...but can be a handful!!!! Have a wonderul day and good luck on this new endless!!! journey!!!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sari :-) Hope your four are giving you many cuddles, much laughter and a little bit of rest! x


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