Monday, 7 October 2013


Last week I was given my eviction notice from the Cupboard. Sad times. When you have two babies on the way (yes, our very own mini Poppit as well as a fledgling business), it turns out some major re-shuffling around the house is required. Thankfully, the elves were on hand once again to help with the move and new cupboard construction. 

Although sad to leave The Cupboard, home of so many creative ideas and adventures, my moving out heralds much growth in our household and much excitement. 

Tonight, we marked the official opening of the new and improved 'cupboard' with a little ribbon cutting ceremony:

Out with the with the new!

So for all of you eagerly awaiting Story Stone news....the move to new 'premises' this weekend signals an ever nearing re-launch date. The last of the materials arrive this week and production will get under way. Hurrah! 

Watch this space for the re-launch date...let's just say, November is looking like a great month for telling stories.....

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