Sunday, 7 April 2013

The cupboard takeover...

This weekend the story stone folk were held hostage by a pirate and a thief looking for treasure! We tried offering them a gold gel pen, a jar of glitter and some silver versacolor ink from the cupboard, but they were having NONE of it! Fortunately a brave cowgirl came to the rescue and used her lasso to tie them up before an awesome spaceman sent them waaaaaaaaay into space! 

Yes, its been another busy weekend in Poppit's Cupboard and I bring you a little sneak peek of some of my favourite designs to date. I'm telling you, you're gonna LOVE the new stones....

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  1. hahaha you have had a hectic weekend. Glad the hostage situation has been dealt with. Even if someone did end up with a black eye. :)


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