Thursday, 4 October 2012

There's drama in stone land!

My life has officially been taken over my little stone folk. I've been delighted with the amount of interest and sales they have been generating (they've been heading off to America, Australia, Switzerland, Wales....) but keeping up with the demand around a full-time job has been tricky. I need some fairies to help me!

Alas, there are no magical fairies....BUT there are:

princesses and 

A recent bespoke order from one of my favourite author/psychotherapist Margot Sunderland (I thoroughly recommend THIS book), has got me creating these new characters to facilitate even more imaginative play 

I also used my favourite SU stamps to create some bespoke stones for a pet lover:

While I am busy making up some bespoke kits, my poor little Etsy shop is bare. 
Hopefully the fairies will come visiting soon.....


  1. Great news Poppit! And - wow - loving the new characters!

  2. So glad to hear you are doing so well. :)

  3. Your Etsy store is still bare! When will you be putting out more stones for purchase? I would love to get some! I am in the USA.

  4. Hi Holly,

    I know!Things are taking a little longer than I had originally anticipated as it's important that I set things up just right! :-) You can get more updates via my Facebook page (Poppitscupboard)


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