Sunday, 16 September 2012

Everyone loves a photoshoot...even Story Stone folk!

It turns out that Story Stone folk aren't camera shy little people, oh no, they LOVED this mornings photoshoot and were quite disappointed when Mr Poppit said 'that's a wrap!'

Here's some of the highlights of the day and some further suggestions for using Story Stones:

Story Stones make a great addition to a range of creative materials that professionals and parents use in their contact with children. Why not paint a set/stage/landscape for your story stones on a large piece of paper or old cardboard box? 

Story Stones are a perfect addition to collections of miniatures for professionals who use sand trays in their work with children, or great for a child's toy box. Story Stones are robust and can be played with outside as well as inside. Free play using miniatures allows children to play out their experiences and feelings and offers adults an invitation to come alongside them. 

 “How can a child tell you in everyday language how he feels – when his natural language for feeling is one of story, play and imagination? Without communication through story, play or imagination, some children have little hope of being able to say what they really feel. Troubled children can be helped immeasurably if someone can hear them speak through story. It can be an immense relief for a child to find images and metaphors to express his thoughts and feeling which have previously been nameless and yet craved understanding. Story is a communication technique – an extremely potent one.”
 Margot Sunderland (2000) ‘Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children’

Story Stones can be a great tool for bringing a story book to life or exploring a topic with a child (such as worry or grief). Story Stones can be used to recreate a story the child has learned or enjoys.
Book used for this image: 'The Huge Bag of Worries' by Virginia Ironside

Find out more about my Story Stones here or visit my Etsy shop

Yep, these little fellows can be quite a handful some days....but I sure do love them!

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