Monday, 6 February 2012

They're here!!!

Yup. After many weeks of sewing, laminating, stamping, colouring and varnishing....Poppit's Story Stone Kits have finally been born!

It took 140 stones, 280 images and MANY many hours to create...but they're here!

These little fellows gradually took over the house over the last week or so....the kitchen counters, the dining room table, the cupboard...Mr Poppit even found a little pair of legs on his studio desk last night! We had lots of fun getting to know these little stone folks...Mr Poppit almost killed a few when he got his popcorn machine out one evening and popcorn kernels went flying (they were the size of cannon balls to these guys!!)....I found myself talking to some of my stones too, and ALMOST got Mr Poppit to read them a bedtime story. So I shall miss these little fellows when they find a new owner to love them...

If you're interested in buying a Story Stone Kit, you can get all the details here

Well, it may be an early night for me....someone was up until 1.30am....with a bunch of little story stone folk.


  1. Brilliant you very clever and talented lady xx

  2. You are indeed talented...are we really related?
    Seriously though, I am proud of the goodness, talent, and devotion to your work that shines through everything you do. So, so proud of you.



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