Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Transformation is Complete!

The elves have been seriously busy making Poppit's Cupboard a place of crafting wonder....and I LOVE it! Do you remember the teeny tiny mish mash of a work space I used to create from?

I worked on a wooden board measuring 43x43 cm - pretty teeny. I also used to sit on a pair of stepladders. 

Well.....this was two days ago.....

The elves even ensured I had my very own sockets and EVERYthing!!

And this is NOW!

I've had a little play in the new deluxe cupboard and it is simply fabulous to have SPACE and everything organised and to hand. 
Cupboard crafting officially got much more fun!!!!!
Thanks for checking out the new look cupboard, 
P.S Thanks to Paula who showcased my cupboard over at Crafty Storage


  1. It looks fabulous Lucia!!!! Hope you get to spend loads of time in there!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

    Jo xx

  2. WOW it looks fantastic ....cant believe how much more space you have in the cupboard :0)
    Kate xx
    PS i want a cupboard lol.

  3. What a fabulous space - every little inch utilised - well done. Happy crafting

  4. A fantastic makeover! You have organized it so well! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  5. I just love your little space ~ it's adorable!! I found you on Crafty Storage and thought I'd pop it and take a peek. Thanks for sharing your inspiring little space! I'll be back again for more inspiration after the holiday Ü

  6. Great use of space. Fantastically done! I love the grand opening pic. I might have to do that myself when I get my room completed.

  7. Wow - it is truly amazing what those elves can do - how clever they are!! Do you think if I ask nicely they might visit my house? I am so pleased that you are back and with such a fab space to work in - just think how much crafting fun can be had now (and I dont have to worry about you getting lost under a pile of stamps now either he, he) :) x x

  8. That is brilliant!!!!
    Happy Crafting, K x

  9. Totally Wonderful Lucia, you are going to enjoy creating in your new Crafty Cupboard :) Can't wait to see what comes out :)

    Have a lovely Christmas.

  10. I immediately fell in love with your craft space upon seeing the photo at Craft Storage. I had to come by and tell you how wonderful it looks. I scrapbook/craft in my closet, so I can totally relate to this. I think I need some elves to come to my house and reorganize everything :) Happy crafting!!

  11. Oh how had a ribbon cutting I will have to remember that. Isn't it wonderful to have just that little space where you can be creative? Congratulations!

  12. When I saw the photo of your craft space at Crafty Storage I had to rush over here to Congratulate you. It looks like a fantastic space. I am closet crafter and I wouldn't want it any other way. I love having everything organized and close at hand. I hope you will enjoy your space as much as I enjoy mine.

  13. OMG it looks great!! Amazing how you can turn such a small space in a great and organized craftingplace! Merry christmas!

    Greets from Holland (zo forgive my English haha).


  14. Wow! Way to think outside the box, or maybe inside the closet! You are very clever to have worked out a plan that works for you. You should be very proud.

  15. Wow, This is wonderful. You have everything so well organized. Love it.

  16. wonderful!!-its lovely! you were able to get so much in there and it looks awesome, lucia! (i LOVE ikea:) love your ribbon cutting, too!

  17. What a great use of space ... could you have a word with your elves and ask them to pop over to my house please!

  18. Wow what a truly awesome workspace! I'm amazed you are able to get it so organized!! I was led here from your friend Ciara's blog...because I had asked where she got all her storage from. Both of your wonderful spaces have inspired me! And I'm sure if you are able to create a lovely workspace out of cupboard I can do it from my bedroom too! :D


  19. It's nice to finally see someone who scraps in the same size space that I do! I have the same table by the looks of it and just some shelves above and below. Works for me! :)

  20. Amazing, inspiring! To all of my girlfriends who say to do not have a space to create I am sending them here! WEll done you!

  21. Everything is nicely organized and at your reach, looks wonderful.

  22. wow i cannot believe you have so much stuff in that small have done a fantastic job at organizing it xx jo xx

  23. I love what you did with your cupboard. Amazing all the things you fit in there.. looks great.

  24. Hi! Thanks for having a look at my blog! Anyway, here I am commenting on your craft room! I am going to move a house soon, so instead of proper size room I will only have a very tiny, not even room, but space on the ground floor under the stairs. Now it is a huge challenge for me to squeeze everything that I have in there. Thanks for your details pictures, very helpful! I'll keep you updated!
    hugs, kissinia


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