Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Closed....for refurbishment!

As the cupboard door has remained firmly shut over the last couple of months, I'd forgotten my big plans for cupboard domination. When the old boiler came out and I moved in, it was with every intention to make it a space of craft heaven. I got too used to working on a work desk the size of a piece of toast and when I ventured back in last weekend, I found myself spilling out all over the bedroom floor. I'd so missed my weekends crafting, I got the buzz immediately and before I knew it was back drooling over other crafter's projects and craft rooms. So I decided. Enough was enough! This time I went in with a scraper and came out with two bin bags of polystyrene tiles. So for now.....the cupboard is bare. But not for too long...... watch this space!


  1. can't wait to see your new space, lucia:)

  2. Bless you Poppit - thanks for your kind words (on my blog)and the award which I hope to get onto my blog in the next couple of days - just struggling with which 3 things to tell y'all !
    ((hugs)) Suzie xx


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